Articles in the Popular Press


50 Australians who really matter
Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 2005

Sydney's Brightest Minds
Sydney Morning Herald, 25 August 2004

The Genius Machine
New Scientist cover story, 3 April 2004

Autistic Genius?
Nature book review, 1 April 2004

Rain man for a day
Luxury, Fall 2003

Can this man put you in touch with
your natural genius?

The London Times Weekend Review, 4 October 2003

Savant for a Day
The New York Times, 22 June 2003


Articles in 2006

8 June 'Magnetic field' can boost brain, London's Daily Telegraph

5 May Hold a magnet to your head and become Rain Man, p. 6, The Sydney Morning Herald

5 February The controversial professor, Malaysia's The Star


Articles in 2005

19 December "Na vsu golova", p. 66, Russian Newsweek

6 November One in a million, p. 18, The Sun-Herald

29 October "Creativity" issue of New Scientist, p. 54

26 July Beautiful minds often hardest to manage, p. 59, Australian Financial Review

5 June Article on Daniel Tammet, reproduced from The Guardian Weekend, p. 68, Sunday Mail (Queensland)

June 'A Great Attraction', p. 55, Scientific American Mind

26 March Genius at work: A lobe out of loop, p. 4-5, The Canberra Times, Panorama Magazine

11 March Windmills of the mind, p. 81, The Australian Financial Review

23 February Bright minds put Sydney under the spotlight, the (sydney) magazine p. 54, The Sydney Morning Herald

12 February A genius explains, London's The Guardian Weekend

24 January The day my brain was turned off by a magnet, London's The Daily Telegraph

22 January 50 Australians who matter most, Spectrum p. 4, The Sydney Morning Herald

22 January 'The 50 Australians who matter', A2 p. 3, The Age


Articles in 2004

25 August Sydney's Brightest Minds, p. 52, The Sydney Morning Herald's the (sydney) magazine

12 June Time to put on the thinking cap, p. 10, The Weekend Australian Magazine

1 May Story on the Centre's creativity, China's Modern Weekly International (untranslated)

25 April 'Learning how to tap into genius', p. 36, Sunday Telegraph

15 April Brain-pulse machine to unlock the genius within, The Sydney Morning Herald

3 April 'Brain machine - Instant geniuses', The Herald Sun

3 April The Genius Machine cover story, New Scientist

1 April 'Genius machine', England's The Sun

January 'Islands of Genius', p. 14, Scientific American Mind


Articles in 2003

4 October Can this man put you in touch with your natural genius?, The Times of London Weekend Review

22 September 'Das gierige Gehirn' (trans. 'The Geedy Brain'), Der Spiegel

13-14 September Savant for a day, The Weekend Australian Magazine

Fall issue Rain man for a day, Luxury

22 June Savant for a day, The New York Times Magazine


Articles in 2002

20 September Paradox of the Savant Mind, Nature

15 September 'Doping für's Hirn', Swiss magazine Facts

June 'Islands of Genius', Scientific American

18 April Thinking Cap or Dunce's Hat, Wired Magazine.

17 April Reawakening the Creative Mind, BBC Website

February The Inner Savant, Discover Magazine Online


Articles in 2001


Articles in 2000


Articles in 1999